Grounded in service-oriented pedigrees, we strive to execute existing business lines and launch new ones all rooted with our core values of methodical planning, innovative execution, operational excellence and a balanced focus on growth.

With over 15 years of experience in building businesses, developing talent, supporting arts and trade and exploring new markets has given the Saltbox leadership team a unique platform to drive the discovery, thought leadership and execution of establishing profitability inside a portfolio of trade-based businesses.

Michael Leyva

Michael Leyva


Michael Leyva is the founding partner of Saltbox, bringing over 16 years of experience launching, owning and managing businesses across a wide variety of industries. Mike has extensive experience in building everything from hospitality venues, residential condominiums and numerous other medium-large scale construction projects. Rooted in this project management and service background, Mike spent over a decade working with some of the largest Fortune 500 tech and financial corporations in the world before shifting those skills to build and partner with like-minded individuals in creative and technical fields. Mike values communication, idea generation and a community of positive-minded thinkers which fuel Saltbox’s vision, inform the development of reliable best practices and serve as the foundation for Saltbox’s incredible service experience for clients, trades and partners alike.

Beyond making a living doing things he loves, Mike spends as much time as possible with his nieces and nephews, culture seeking with friends and staying active so he can try all the food.

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Jessica Ludwig

Chief Digital Strategist

Jessica Ludwig manages all digital and media content while working side-by-side with Michael across all of Saltbox’s divisions. Jessica is a Partner at a national consulting firm based in Chicago and has spent the majority of her 16-year career working with nonprofit institutions and large corporations. In her role, she is thrilled to share Saltbox’s daily inspirations, project developments and growing footprint.

When Jessica unplugs from work, you can typically find her seeking out the next great meal or cocktail, planning her next vacation and mom’ing out with her family. Classically trained on the piano, she’s also known to tickle the ivories if the mood strikes.


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